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Wanted: Book Reviewers

Steve here, the guy who runs the show.

This site can never have enough book reviewers! Apply.

I KNOW you have an opinion!

Here's the deal

Grown-ups, if you just love kids' books in general, great. Or, if you have a special interest in any of the following children's book categories, you could be a specialist!

  • Homeschooling Texts
  • African-American
  • Biography
  • British
  • Christian
  • History
  • Mystery
  • Reference
  • Science and Nature
  • Science Fiction
  • Sports

Or, if there's a category I haven't mentioned that you have a special interest in, I could be interested in that as well! I'm looking for people who

  • love good children's books
  • get very exasperated with bad children's books
  • know how to write well (I don't want to have to edit!)
  • can commit to a minimum of five great book reviews

It'd be great, too, if you were reading these books anyway! (Our book reviewers include parents, grandparents, librarians and teachers!)

Here's what you would receive:

  • My heartfelt appreciation
  • Major exposure (We're pretty popular! After all, you found us!)
  • 100% of the Amazon revenue generated by your pages. There is no compensation other than this revenue... and it won't be much

When someone reads your review and links to Amazon from your page to buy the book, Amazon pays me and I pay you. (Usually 6-7% of the price your reader paid.)

If that reader buys more stuff at Amazon during that same visit, you get commissioned on that too.

While your monthly income WON'T be substantial, it IS likely to grow over time as you add reviews to the site. Do not apply for a book reviewer position unless

  • this would be a labor of love for you
  • you'd love knowing that lots of people are reading what you have to say about children's books!

I'll be looking for reviews that analyze thoughtfully and critically and let parents and grandparents (and everyone else) know what kind of book they'll be buying for the children in their lives.

Reviews should be 500-1000 words in length.

If you're interested, please fill out the book reviewer application below. You'll receive an automatically generated letter. You can reply to that letter with a sample review.

No hurt feelings!

Please know that I have very high standards and tend to reject a lot of great people before I find the perfect reviewer. Please don't apply if you can't take rejection! (Real writers know all about rejection!)

Before you apply, I recommend reading some of the other reviews on the site. See if you can meet the standard these great reviewers have set.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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