The Biting Bee

by Adeola Uyeye

girl drawing flower

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young baby girl whose name was honeybee, her parents named her ‘honeybee; because she was so sweet, cute and cuddly. She never made trouble, never cried unnecessarily and was never naughty.

Months went bye and she was growing up being as cute, smart and cuddly as ever. She became old enough to go to school so she was taken to a very good school where she met a lot of friend and other children her age.

Everyone loved Honeybee because she was nice and she shared whatever she was given with other people. However, there was a boy named Austin who was in her class.

Austin was a disobedient and selfish boy, he was so troublesome so a lot of his schoolmates stayed away from him and never wanted to play with him anymore. Honeybee, however, plays with him because she was a nice girl and didn’t want him to feel lonely. She thinks it is unfair that people stayed away from him so she decided not to make Austin feel bad.

What Honeybee did not realise was that it is not good to go around with bad friends as they would make you start doing bad things like themselves if you are unable to change them.

One day, while in the classroom, the teacher asked them to draw and paint. While they were drawing, Honeybee looked up to see that Mitchell had her crayon so she asked that Mitchell gave it back to which Mitchell answered.. ‘Please let me just colour this page and I’ll give it back’ Honeybee would have none of it so she charged at Mitchell and started struggling to get back the crayon, while struggling, Honeybee bite Mitchell and Mitchell started crying.

When the teacher came in and saw what had happened, he asked Mitchell to give back the crayon and scolded Honeybee for biting saying it was a very bad attitude.

Honeybee’s friends now started staying away a bad habit because they didn’t want to be bitten like Mitchell was in the art class. Honeybee noticed this and started feeling bad. She cried to her mum who latter explained to her that biting was a terrible thing to do as it was an act of violence and only scares people away from you.

Honeybee learnt her lessons afterward so when she returned to school, she went to apologise to Mitchell and promised never to hurt anyone again, she promised to be the very sweet, cute and cuddly Honeybee who shared what she had with her friends.

Mitchell forgave her and all her other friends noticed Honeybee had changed so everyone started liking her again and started coming back to play with her.

Honeybee finally learnt her lesson never to get violence again and to share whatever she had with her friends.

The End

Composed and written by Adeola Uyeye, 2011

The author lives in Ebute-Metta, Nigeria.

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