The Big Bible Storybook
188 Bible Stories to Enjoy Together

The Big Bible Storybook
with Bible Friends characters designed by Mark and Anna Carpenter

Christian children's book review by Jane Finch.

Ages 2-8

188 Bible Stories to Enjoy Together

This is a hardcover book of 256 pages. It features the Bible Friends characters, designed by Mark and Anna Carpenter.

Bible Friends are puppet characters that are a colourful and enjoyable addition to this book of Bible stories. The book covers the stories of the Bible from Creation to Revelation and is told especially for young children.

The Big Bible Storybook encompasses not just the stories of Jesus, but stories from the Old Testament also. Supported by the relevant Bible text, the stories are told simply and effectively.

An example of the gentle way the stories are portrayed is in dealing with the Creation. The book first explains God as the Maker, and then talks about how he made light and sky, land, sea and plants, the stars and planets, and then the sun.

It is a beautiful introduction to the stories that follow.

The inside cover describes the book as all about God and God’s people, about children enjoying meeting God in their own way, and about discovering and sharing together.

This recent publication (re-published in January 2009) won the Children’s Book of the Year at the Christian Booksellers’ Convention.

I think this is a book that could be enjoyed in groups as well.

I really like the way these Bible stories are simplified to appeal to the young reader. Let me take one of the stories as an example.

Jesus stops a storm is taken from Matthew 8:23-27. The story describes the boat going out on the calm water and how Jesus fell asleep. Then the wind started to blow and the waves got bigger and rougher. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The people in the boat became frightened. Jesus wakes and calms the storm. Jesus told his friends they were safe with him. They realised Jesus was a special person who could stop the roughest storm. Jesus could do things that no other person could do.

This story is set out on a single page, with a double page illustration of the Bible Friends on a boat.

I think that the young child will come to know these Bible Friends which are delightfully portrayed. The Big Bible Storybook: 188 Bible Stories to Enjoy Together is a book to be read time and again.

Scripture quotations are from the Contemporary English Version.

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