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Christmas and Easter

From Bible Friends:
The Christmas Bible Storybook
The Easter Bible Storybook

Christian children's book reviews by Jane Finch.

Ages 2-5

Bible Friends Bible Storybooks

These are two full-colour Bible board books, ideal for toddlers and young children, and classified as an early years reader.

The Christmas Bible Storybook tells the story of the meaning of Christmas. There are just two short sentences on each page, usually less than words in total.

The illustrations are photographs of puppets, colourfully designed with clever backgrounds, which enhance the simple story.

The reader is introduced to Mary and Joseph, angels and shepherds, the Wise Men, and of course, to Jesus.

The story follows Mary and Jesus and they look for somewhere to stay because Mary was to have a baby. They are invited to stay in an animal shed where the baby was born. Some angels are told by an angel that God's Son has been born and they went to see the baby Jesus.

The Wise Men saw a new star in the sky and they knew a new King had been born. They follow the star and find Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

The story ends with the Wise Men returning to their home, happy because they have seen God's Son.

The Easter Bible Storybook gives the opportunity to meet Mary in a garden, Peter and John, Friends out walking, and Jesus.

I was pleasantly surprised how this subject would be approached for this age reader. The book cleverly starts

“Jesus died. His body was put in a cave with a stone in front”. It then goes on to explain how Jesus’ body disappeared and then he was alive again.

The story is simply told and easily understood. Again, the bright, colourful pictures make this an eye-catching reading experience for a young child.

Both of these books use the puppets to portray the scenes and I think this works really well. The child will relate to the bible characters and this will help with their understanding of the story.

Mark and Anna Carpenter, Christian Design Consultants, have designed the Bible Friends, and have prepared the illustrations and design layout, with photography by David Vary.

The author, Maggie Barfield, has been involved in Scripture Union’s ‘SALT’ and ‘light’ programme for over 20 years, and is also editor of ‘Bubbles’ resource magazine for under 5’s.

These are excellent Early Years books and offer an ideal presentation of the Christmas and Easter stories.

Both books are published by Scripture Union, which is an international Christian charity working with churches in more than 130 countries.

The Christmas Bible Storybook

The Easter Bible Storybook

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