Gofors and Grumps

An A-Z of Bible Characters

by Derek Prime

Derek Prime's Gofors and Grumps: An A-Z of Bible Characters

Christian children's book review by Jane Finch.

Interesting Bible men and women with a nickname to match their characteristics

Ages 9-12

Well, here’s a good idea. This is a great way to get to know some of the more prominent characters in the Bible.

The author has used the alphabet as the base and then given appropriate characters a suitable nickname. For example, ‘A’ is Mr. Afraid (Adam) and ‘Z’ is Mr. Zoo-keeper (Noah).

This is a good way for the younger reader to get to know the Bible characters and to remember them by their nickname which reflects their own particular personality

I particularly like Mr. Violent (Paul). The author explains about Saul and his obsession with punishing Christians, describes his conversion on the Road to Damascus, and then his change of name to Paul. He goes on to look at the way Paul then changed, and his work in teaching others about God.

Taking the alphabet is an interesting way to approach the Bible characters, and the title is ideal because it deals with such a variety of people, some of whom were Gofors, and of course some were Grumps.

Take the letter ‘L’, for another example. Mrs. Laughter. I couldn’t wait to see who this portrayed, and of course it was Sarah. When she heard God had told Abraham she would have a child within a year, she laughed. After all, she was ninety years old!

I couldn’t wait to see who was ‘X’ and what it would stand for. Perhaps I’ll leave you to discover that one yourself. Suffice it to say I was pleasantly surprised.

The idea of this book is not just to familiarise children with some of the better known men and women of the Bible, but to learn from their lives. The book has some nice black and white illustrations and maps, and some activities, too.

This is an informative book but enjoyable too, so that the reader can learn whilst exploring the way characters in the Bible sought to please God in their own unique way.

Gofors and Grumps: An A-Z of Bible Characters is 176 pages and aimed at 9-12 year olds. I personally think it is good for new Christians, too, as they seek to learn more about the stories and parables in the Bible.

The author, Derek Prime, has been a pastor for about thirty years and since 1987 has devoted his time to writing.

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