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No doubt you've heard of the Berenstain Bears books

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What you may not realize, if you haven't yet sat down to read them, is that many (if not all) of the books are tightly focused on conveying a message or moral to your child.

They are a form of something called bibliotherapy.

There Are a Gazillion Berenstain Bears Books

If your child has an issue, chances are there's a Berenstain Bears book to address it, so it's very easy to find yourself accumulating a Berenstain Bears collection. (Very inexpensive too! You'll find these books in paperback, with the majority still in print and selling for $3.99. Visit the Berenstain Bears Store at Amazon.)

Use these books as starting points for discussion, or simply use them as reading material and trust your child to understand the book's message.

The Berenstain cubs deal with nervous habits, bullies, life changes and much more. Your child can benefit simply from hearing or reading these stories. A benefit of bibliotherapy for anyone is that it keeps us from feeling alone in what we face.

Categorizing the Berenstain Bears books isn't easy

I list the Berenstain Bears books by title here. You'll find a number of different categories. In most cases, the title - combined with the picture on the book's cover - will give you an excellent idea of what issue the book addresses. Search for the book at Amazon in the search boxes I've provided to see a book's cover.

Please note: I abbreviate each book's title by leaving out the words, "The Berenstain Bears." I thought you might get tired of reading that 70 times in a row!

If you page below the Berenstain Bears Booklist, you'll see some slightly different book categories and a one line synopsis for most of the books.

Berenstain Bears Book List

Tired of the Berenstain Bears books? We have downloadable books about problem behaviors right on this site!

The Truth
The Trouble with Chores
Forget Their Manners
The Messy Room
Too Much TV
The Blame Game
Bedtime Battle
Get in a Fight (with each other)
Get the Noisies
Too Much Teasing
Get the Gimmies
The Green-Eyed Monster
The Big Blooper (swearing)
Learn to Share
Me First! Me First!


Dollars and Sense (not valuing money)
Trouble with Money (overvaluing money)
The Prize Pumpkin (being thankful)
The Homework Hassle
The Big Road Race (a Tortoise and Hare story)
Trouble with Pets
The Drug-Free Zone


Report Card Trouble
The Excuse Note
The Double Dare (stealing)


The Golden Rule
The Bad Habit (nail biting)
Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze
Lost in Cyberspace


Learn About Strangers
In the Dark
The Bad Dream
Get the Scaredies


The Trouble With Friends (difficult people)
The In-Crowd
The Wrong Crowd
No Girls Allowed
The Double Dare (peer pressure)
The Bully (Reviewed on site)
New Neighbors (ethnic differences)
Too Small for the Team
The Goofy, Goony Guy


My New Bed
My Potty and I
Pacifier Days
Visit the Dentist
New Baby
Moving Day
The Sitter
Go to the Doctor
Too Much Birthday (moderation)
The Slumber Party
Baby Makes Five
Get Stage Fright
Go Out for the Team
Go to Camp
The Birds, the Bees, and...
Go to School
Too Much Car Trip
Too Much Vacation
Mama's New Job
Week at Grandma's


Think of Those in Need
Don't Pollute Anymore
Lend a Helping Hand

(The "Little Lights" Series)

God Loves You! !
The Real Easter Eggs
Count Their Blessings
Love Their Neighbors
Give Thanks
The Big Question (What is God?)

Berenstain Bears books with synopses:

Berenstain Bears books about:

The Berenstain Bears...

The cubs improve their manners when they start getting chores in return for rudeness.

  • Get the Gimmies

    The cubs learn to appreciate what they already have.

  • Get the Screamies

    The cubs misbehave at the mall. Mama teaches them not to.

  • Get the Noisies

    The cubs need to quiet down.

  • Get in a Fight

    The children fight with each other. Available as a download.

  • The Berenstain Bears and...

    • The Messy Room

      Brother and sister argue over who should neaten up while the mess piles up!

    • The Truth

      Brother and Sister break something and lie about it.

    • Too Much Birthday

      Sister Bear grows unhappy when her excessive birthday party isn't everything she hoped for

    • The Bad Habit

      Sister has started biting her nails.

    • The Green-Eyed Monster

      Sister gets jealous of brother's new bike.

    • The Trouble with Chores

      Papa and the cubs stop doing their chores. Instead of picking up the slack, Mama joins them!

    The Berenstain Bears:

    • Too Much Teasing

      Brother is on a teasing bender, but then teasing turns dangerous.

    • The Big Blooper

      Swear words get addressed.

    • Learn to Share

      I think we know where they're going with this.

    • Bedtime Battle

      The cubs will do anything to avoid bed. One review I read said this one is pretty uninspired and unhelpful.

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    The Berenstain Bears...

    The cubs form an Earthsavers club after learning to value the environment.

  • Think of Those in Need

    The family gives stuff they no longer need away.

  • Clean House

    Comes time for the family yard sale, the cubs have trouble giving up stuff, even if they haven't used it for years.

  • The Berenstain Bears and...

    • Too Much TV

      The cubs watch too much, so Mama bans it for a week. After learning how to entertain themselves, the cubs become much more moderate by choice in their tv watching.

    • The Golden Rule

      When Mama notices the family getting too chubby, the family makes some lifestyle adjustments.

    • The Double Dare

      The bad kids dare Brother to steal. He does and gets caught. Peer pressure addressed.

    • Report Card Trouble

      Brother spends too much time on sports and his grades suffer.

    • The Trouble With Friends

      Sister's new friend is bossy. The girls learn to compromise..

    • The Excuse Note

      Sister stretches the truth to get out of P.E.

    The Berenstain Bears:

    • Trouble with Money

      The cubs have to learn about earning and spending.

    • The In-Crowd

      Peer pressure, bossiness and insults addressed. Sister is the victim.

    • Dollars and Sense

      The cubs learn how to make good choices with their allowance money.

    • The Wrong Crowd

      Brother falls in with the wrong boys and starts acting tough.

    • No Girls Allowed

      Brother punishes Sister for being better than him at baseball. Sister plots revenge.

    • The Blame Game

      The family learns it isn't always simple - or important - who's to blame. Problems are best solved together.

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    New Experiences

    The Berenstain Bears...

    Demystifying a routine checkup. Sister is brave getting a shot.

  • Visit the Dentist

    Brother gets a cavity filled, Sister has a dangling baby tooth removed.

  • Go to Camp

    The kids are excited but apprehensive. Sure enough, everything turns out okay.

  • Get Stage Fright

    Brother's teasing makes sister worried she'll forget her lines in the school play. Sure enough, it's brother who messes up.

  • Go Out for the Team

    The cubs experience the pressure of competition.

  • The Berenstain Bears and...

    • The Sitter

      Brother and Sister aren't happy with the notion of being left with a sitter for the first time.

    • Mama's New Job

      Mama starts working, so everyone has to help around the house more.

    • Week at Grandma's

      The cubs aren't looking forward to their week away, but guess what? They have a good time.

    • The Slumber Party

      The cubs learn how to behave when staying with others.

    The Berenstain Bears:

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    The cubs learn it's normal to get scared.

    The Berenstain Bears and...

    • The Bad Dream

      Nightmares follow a scary movie.

    • The Bully Bullying, gender (the bully is a girl) and self-defense. (Reviewed on site)
    • The Drug-Free Zone
    • Yeesh! There's a drug problem at school and the cubs want to find the culprit. Ages 4-8????

    The Berenstain Bears:

    • In the Dark

      A spooky book Brother brings home from the library leaves Sister scared of the dark.

    • Too Small for the Team

      Sister can't try out for the team because she's too small. Still, she manages to make lemonade from lemons.

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    Baby Berenstain Bears

    Baby cubs move out of the crib and into their own bed.

  • My Potty and I

    I think we know what this is about

  • Pacifier Days

    When the time comes to leave the pacifiers behind.

  • Me First! Me First!

    The baby bears learn about taking turns.

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    Life lessons and being good bears

    On the occasion of Mama's pregnancy, the cubs learn a little about where babies come from. Unfortunately, this particular book seems to be poorly reviewed.

  • The Berenstain Bears' New Neighbors

    A lesson in accepting those who are different, and this time it's Papa who has the problem.

  • The Berenstain Bears...

    The Berenstain Bears:

    • No Guns Allowed

      A squirt gun that looks like a real gun becomes a subject of discussion.

    • Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze

      If your kids are trying to collect every Happy Meal© toy, this book speaks to the issue.

    • Lost in Cyberspace

      The cubs obsess on their new computers, at the expense of time doing other, valuable things.

    • The Goofy, Goony Guy

      Sister gets teased because her new friend is kind of weird.


      Big Bedtime Book  (Reviewed on site)

      Mrs. Grizzle shares six well-known fairy tales with a distinctly Berenstain spin.

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      The Berenstain Bears books were created by husband and wife Stan and Jan Berenstain.

      The Berenstains with their bears

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