Modifying Bad Behavior
with Coloring Books!

Behavior coloring books

Let's say you have a choice of two coloring books. The first one:

I used to say some mean things about coloring books.


girl colors sun

My Children's Behavior Books tell a story that your child proudly illustrates.

Select, download and print NOW!

  1. Will keep your child occupied
  2. Might help hand-eye and writing skills

But the second book can also:

        3. Aid your child's creativity, and

        4. Improve long-term behavior

Which one do you want for your child?

These books aren't just for coloring...

They're for drawing. (In other words, not just staying between the lines, but defining the actual picture!) And the books have an honest-to-goodness story too.

I tell the story. Your child draws the pictures.

Also, each drawing/coloring book describes a child with a problem behavior. Pick the book with the behavior YOUR child struggles with.

Your child will identify with the child in the book! And when the character in the book figures out how to correct the behavior...

Maybe your child will too.

I call them Children's Behavior Books. They require a little more out of you (you'll have to read your child the story once if she/he doesn't already read), but your child - and YOU - will get much more out of them.

Pick the Children's Behavior Coloring Book your child needs most, or visit the page that tells you more about ALL the books.

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