Aesop's Fables
Physical Beauty is
Only Skin-Deep

from Aesop's Fables: A New Revised Version From Original Sources, Illustrations by Harrison Weir, John Tenniel and Ernest Griest, tint added

Aesop's Moral:
Physical Beauty is Only Skin-Deep

Other ways of saying it:
Don't judge someone by their looks.
Don't judge someone by what they wear.
True beauty is what's in your mind.

Aesop's Fable:

The Fox and The Leopard
Also The Leopard and The Fox

The Fox and the Leopard argued about who was the more beautiful of the two.

The Leopard showed off the beautiful spots that decorated his coat. But the Fox, interrupting him, said: "No, I'm the more beautiful, because my beauty is of the mind."

The Fox and the Leopard Summary: The Fox certainly isn't short on ego in this tale, which might keep it from being the fable you want to use to impart this lesson. How beautiful is your mind if you're that enchanted with yourself?

You may want to consider telling the story from an outsider point of view. For instance, The Owl and The Giraffe might be discussing who is more beautiful, The Fox or The Leopard.

The Giraffe will suggest The Leopard, because of his spots. But The wise old Owl will note that it's The Fox, for his beautiful mind. Doesn't that seem less obnoxious?

Or you may simply have The Fox do a better job of proving the beauty of his mind, rather than just claiming it. After all, saying you're good at something is just bragging!

To my mind, the problem with this fable of Aesop's is that neither character is more likeable than the other, when in fact it's The Fox's message we're supposed to be taking to heart.

Beauty is Only Skin-Deep.

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