A Bayou Dream

by Nicole Johnson

alligator with pink bow

Once upon a time, there lived a young alligator named Ella. She also had a stepbrother and a stepsister named Wart and Wanda. Her mother and stepfather had just left on a cruise to Atlantis. Ella was now stuck alone with Wart and Wanda.

While her mother and stepfather were gone, Wart and Wanda completely took over. They made Ella do everything! She caught the food, wove baskets out of reeds to store the food in, and she flossed and brushed their teeth.

The last chore was not a big deal to Ella, because she has always wanted to be a dentist since she was very little. Once in a while, she would get caught singing about teeth. Wart and Wanda made fun of Ella's dream and thought it was nonsense. Ella knew that one day she would fulfill her dream. Besides, dentists make a lot of money!

One day a letter arrived at Ella's end of the swamp. The letter said that there was going to be a ball in the Gulf of Mexico. Monsewer Croc was holding the ball in his mansion made of pearls. Ella was so excited! She told Wart and Wanda about the ball, and they immediately started getting ready because the ball was later that afternoon. Wart wanted to go so he could meet girls and Wanda wanted to go to meet the handsome Monsewer Croc and maybe even marry him.

Wart and Wanda made Ella help them get ready. Ella wanted to go very badly; but because of all the work Wart and Wanda made her do, she had no time to get ready herself. Wart and Wanda left Ella at home where she cried helplessly.

Then, Mikey Mosquito appeared and said, "Why are you crying? Oh, I know! You wanted to go to the ball."

Ella slowly stopped crying. With that, Mikey Mosquito made a boat out of pearls. Thomas the Turtle volunteered to be a coachman and Mikey Mosquito magically turned guppies into piranhas. He also wove Ella a beautiful bow out of reeds for her tail and gave her especially sparkly and shiny teeth. Mikey Mosquito then told her to be back by the setting of the sun because the magic will be gone.

"Thank you so much!" Ella said excitingly.

It was 6:00 p.m. when Ella arrived in the Gulf of Mexico. It had taken a very long time to get there. She went inside the mansion made of pearls. Whenever she looked at anybody, they would quickly cover their eyes.

"It must be my teeth!" Ella giggled.

Monsewer Croc saw Ella and fell in love with her instantly. He swam over to Ella and started dancing the "Croc Trot." Wart and Wanda saw Ella as well, but they had no clue who this stranger with sparkly teeth was. Wanda was very jealous of this beautiful alligator and Wart was jealous of Monsewer Croc.

Ella and Monsewer Croc were having so much fun together!

"This is so romantic for Monsewer Croc and that beautiful alligator. The sunset makes it perfect!" someone whispered from behind them.

"Sunset!" Ella screamed. Ella swam away as fast as possible before the magic disappeared.

Ella didn't even notice that her bow fell off when she was swimming away. She swam to her boat of pearls, and she left as quick as lightening! Monsewer Croc found the bow and devoted his love to the beautiful alligator he had danced with.

Monsewer Croc searched high and low for Ella the alligator, his future bride. He checked to see if anybody in or around the swamp knew how to weave, but everybody he talked to didn't know anyone who could weave.

Monsewer Croc came to Mikey Mosquito's puddle. Mikey recognized the bow.

"Yes, I made that bow for Ella the Alligator," Mikey told him. Monsewer Croc knew exactly where Ella lived because everyone he knew teased her about her dream in becoming a dentist.

He got to Ella end of the swamp in no time at all. Ella was weaving a tiny basket for Grasshopper Grace.

"Is this yours?" Monsewer Croc asked, holding out the bow left at the dance. Ella nodded and started to cry tears of happiness.

Wart and Wanda saw what was going on and became very jealous of their stepsister.

"See you later alligators!" Ella called.

Two months later Monsewer Croc and Ella were married. Ella's mother and father even made it to the wedding! Ella got to open up her own office in dentistry. She had many patients and absolutely loved her job.

Monsewer Croc and Ella the Alligator lived happily ever after!

The End

Copyright Nicole Johnson 2005

The author lives in Iowa, USA.

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