The Treasure of Barnaby Island

by Heather Steger

pirate with treasure chest

Where will their make believe adventures take them today………?

Riding the waves on the open sea, swaying side to side. Watching the sails raise high in the air catching the breeze.

Captain Pugwash and his crew aboard The Sea Serpent are on a grand adventure. Legends be told that there is a large treasure chest filled with rubies, diamonds and gold, hidden on Barnaby Island.

Lucas and Cameron were cabin boys on this spirited voyage. Lucas always dreamed of being on the high seas. Cameron just loved any adventure and wanted to have his own parrot!

After many days and nights, after many storms and calm seas finally they have reached Barnaby Island.

Captain Pugwash pulled out his treasure map. Together the crew followed all the steps. Searching high and low but nothing was found.

The crew was just about to give up until Cameron heard Quigley squawking. Cameron said we should follow the captain’s parrot into the jungle.

Far into the jungle they went until they came across a jaguar. They were all scared and knew they wouldn’t make it to the treasure.

Lucas had a plan. He used the meat he had in his backpack to trick the jaguar. Lucas threw the meat down the hill and the jaguar ran after it!

“Yay” shouted the crew. On they went. “What’s that I see?” Cameron asked. It was a large X on the ground in a clearing.

Lucas and Cameron took turns digging a hole. Finally they reached what they hoped was the treasure chest. They pulled it up. Yes it was the treasure!! When they opened it, everyone gasped.

Rubies, diamonds and gold were spilling out of the chest. Everyone shared all the treasure and everyone had a great adventure!!

Where will their make believe adventure take them next……?

The End

Copyright Heather Steger 2010

The author lives in Maryland, USA.

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