Back into Mommy's Tummy
By Thierry Robberecht

Thierry Robberecht's Back into Mommy's Tummy
Illustrated by Phillippe Goossens

Children's book review by P.J. Rooks

Ages 2-5

Sibling rivalry starts here -- in the womb!

If you have a new baby on the way and an anxious or jealous older sibling, this book might be a good starting point.

If I'm in your tummy, I'll never have to get up early for school again. And you'll think about me all day long.

It is about a little girl who wants, obviously, to return to the womb, but her parents convince her that it might be pretty boring there. As they talk about it, the girl's fears are revealed, which the mother quickly addresses with "I love you just as much as I love your brother."

Goossens' whimsical oil paintings show us what the little girl imagines tummy life is like - a soothing and spacious dark blue world of flying and floating.

For some kids, the book's explanations may not be enough, but Back Into Mommy's Tummy is a good place to begin the conversation.

Will You Still Love Me? is another great book about insecurity surrounding an impending arrival, and Welcoming Babies is a book that simply celebrates newborns.

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