Always Awkward Alphabet

by Sabrina Moulton

Amanda's Aardvark, Annabelle, Always Assumes All Anteaters Acquire A's!

Brenda Bounces Balls on her Bare Bunions by the Beach Before Breakfast!

Chelsea's Cellphone Chatter Causes Cranky Chickens to Cackle Continuously

Dorky David Dune's Dippin' Dots Diet Deters Dinner!

Erica Eagle Eagerly Eats Elephant at Enormous Enid's!

Fairly Fun Frank Freaks Frequently when his Funky Feet Feel Funny!

Gracious Grayson has Great Gobs of Gel for Green Goo Ganache!

Horace's Heaping Helping of Ham Hinders the Hectic Highway patrol!

Intense Itching by Igor Is Immediately Iced In Indian Ink!

Jenny Jammed Jacoby's Jelly, Jerkily

Kind Katrina Kindled the Kitchen Kettle for Kendyl!

Louie Loves Licking Luscious Lemons and Lunching on Limes!

Merciless Michael Mingled Marshmallows and Meat into a Masterpiece for Madison!

Naomi and Naughty Ned Need Neatly Numbered Nickels Now!

Olivia Omits Olives, Onions and Oranges for Obvious reasons!

Patty Pickles Precisely Preened her Persnickety Pink Parrot's Plume!

Queen Quinn Quoted, Quaint, Quality, Quizzes Quietly!

Round Rosy Runs Ranting and Raving, Ridiculous Rhymes!

Sincere Sally Sailor Selectively Shells Sushi for Supper!

Tammie Toils Tirelessly Teaching Texting To Ten Talking Turkeys!

Ulysses' Unusual Uvula is Utterly Underestimated by his Uncle!

Very Vexed Victoria Visualizes Virtual Violins Vehemently Violining!

Witchy Willow Wishes Wayne Wore Wonderful Western Wear!

Xavier Xylophone is eXamined by X-ray!

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yanni Yells, Your Yams have been Yanked!

Zoey the Zany Zebra has lost his Zest for Zipping Zippers!

The End

Copyright Sabrina L. Moulton 2012

The author lives in New Hampshire, USA.

dragon from Animalia

Webmaster's note: I suspect the author was inspired by Graeme Base's Animalia, the most gorgeous alphabet book you could ever hope to own, and one featuring inspired (and insane) alliteration, similar to what you see here. The difference? In Base's book, the crazy descriptions are illustrated! Click to read our review.

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