Apple Trouble!

written by Ragnhild Scamell
illustrated by Michael Terry

Ragnhild Scamell's Apple Trouble!
illustrated by Michael Terry

Book review by Karen Nelson

Ages 3-8

What "stuck on you" means to a hedgehog!

Hedgehog has been working diligently to build her nest for the winter under the old apple tree.

Unfortunately, when Hedgehog gets ready for her long winter slumber, her efforts are foiled by an apple landing on her back. The apple becomes stuck in her spines.

Hedgehog’s friends give her several suggestions on how to remove the apple, but their helpful suggestions only make matters worse by unfortunately adding other items that also become stuck to her backside.

Thankfully after the last unsuccessful attempt, which is squeezing through a hedge, Hedgehog runs into her friend, Goat. Her timing couldn’t be better because Goat is hungry for lunch! Goat gladly munches off the items that are stuck to Hedgehog except for a crumpled brown leaf. Goat could eat no more. Hedgehog is elated to finally be able to squeeze into her little nest and fall fast asleep.

My three-year-old loves this story. She giggles when reading of this cute little character and her misadventures while trying to settle down into her winter nest. My five-year-old likes to follow along as a beginner reader.

Apple Trouble demonstrates an important lesson of teamwork among Hedgehog and her animal friends. It also depicts success with brainstorming and problem solving. Hedgehog suffers some setbacks along the way, but stays determined to fit into her winter nest until the end.

This book is recommended for children in kindergarten-grade 2 by Scholastic. I think it would be a great paperback for an early reader and I personally feel it can become a bedtime favorite when reading to a toddler. I like to check my children’s understanding of this story and ask about the objects that get stuck to Hedgehog. Apple Trouble! has also spurred our own discussion on hibernation.

Webmaster's note: Did someone say "hedgehog"? When was the last time you checked out Beatrix Potter's Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, a hedgehog for the ages.

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Ouch, Ragnhild Scamell

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