Animal Sketches

by Alice Jacobs
(Hamilton, Ohio)

Squirrel baby

Squirrel baby

Squirrel baby
Saw-whet Owl

Alice the Artist

I can create illustrations of animals, children, adults, fictional characters, cartoon-ish looks to highly detailed illustrations in settings.

I have a natural ability to create sketches in minimal time. In fact, I find the less time spent on a drawing keeps it from becoming "stale" and overworked or stiff.

While most of my submissions are studies in black and white, I have experience in painting and color work as well.

I have always wanted to assist in the writing and illustration of a children's story featuring little known or underdog creatures such as opossums or skunks. My theory is that there are so many creatures that are villainized by the public because they might not be as cute as bears.

I think that a pairing of poetic stories and my illustrations would make a good book.

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