Digital Animal Illustrating

by Yana Marianova Mihailova
(Razgrad, Bulgaria)

A fox (not my best )

A fox (not my best )

A fox (not my best )
Leopard (Finished)
Leopard (Sketch)
Fox Reflected - Lineless art (practice)

Hello. I am a Bulgarian artist. I draw animals in Photoshop.

My art is cute and likely to be liked by real children, but it can be realistic and more detailed too. Actually I can try new things; just tell me what you'd like to see from me!

I accept payments by PayPal only. I can send the art by email. Please contact me at for more information.

Oh, and please excuse my bad English!

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Animal Sketches

by Alice Jacobs
(Hamilton, Ohio)

Squirrel baby

Squirrel baby

Squirrel baby
Saw-whet Owl

Alice the Artist

I can create illustrations of animals, children, adults, fictional characters, cartoon-ish looks to highly detailed illustrations in settings.

I have a natural ability to create sketches in minimal time. In fact, I find the less time spent on a drawing keeps it from becoming "stale" and overworked or stiff.

While most of my submissions are studies in black and white, I have experience in painting and color work as well.

I have always wanted to assist in the writing and illustration of a children's story featuring little known or underdog creatures such as opossums or skunks. My theory is that there are so many creatures that are villainized by the public because they might not be as cute as bears.

I think that a pairing of poetic stories and my illustrations would make a good book.

Contact Alice.

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Self-Taught Artist Loves Horses

by Renée Scarted

Traditional artwork from 2014, done with photo reference for the pose, horse and rider are my own original characters

Traditional artwork from 2014, done with photo reference for the pose, horse and rider are my own original characters

Traditional artwork from 2014, done with photo reference for the pose, horse and rider are my own original characters
Full-digital from the first half of 2016, horse done with photo reference, it's my own original character, background was described so in that view it's kinda an illustration :D
2016 Halloween-themed art, traditional lines and digital coloring. Done for a virtual competition, background was given as a description + I had to figure out a costume. Horse is my character also
Freshest art from 2016 November, traditional lines and digital coloring. You can see my human-drawing at its current finest. This was also a competition entry with a set background that I had to draw

Hungarian self-taught artist looking to have fun

I'm a 19-year-old girl from Hungary, and I mostly self-taught myself in art, or had some help from other people and by using photo references. I never had any professional training, I mainly do art as a hobby, and in that I'm looking to enjoy it. My big dream was to go to art university, but probably my skills are not enough for that one, so I'm looking to make other use of my skills and choosing psychology instead :)

About my drawings... I draw mostly horses, I first started drawing more seriously - and more often - in 2008, so I've been drawing them for 8 years now! (9th now.) I also picked up on humans 1-1.5 years ago, that one is still in development. Occassionally I tried other animals and other stuff, too, but always from photo references and I still stuck to horses because as I said, I'm looking for enjoyment in my art and that is what I like drawing (and that's the other reason I don't go to art uni).

I draw both digitally and traditionally, though lately I started mixing the two together - I make the clean, pretty lines on paper, and then I do the coloring on computer. I'm still willing to do full-digital, but the lines take longer in that, and I like traditional a lot, but sadly the colors are not as vibrant, especially when I put the picture on computer. In traditional, I only draw with colored pencils. I have a few Copic Markers, but not enough to start expanding my expertise into that direction.

If anyone's interested, I'm willing to do concept sketches to see whether I'm the one you're looking for. I can also link to my deviantART gallery where you can find my works (I've been a member since 2010, but I mostly delete my older artwork I'm not satisfied with anymore) where you can also find some rare pieces of none-horse art.

If interested, you can find me through the e-mail address szerydotgusatgmaildotcom

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Storybook Art

by David Parker

from Froggie Time

from Froggie Time

from Froggie Time
from Froggie Time

Self taught, I am still learning, as are all artists.

I strive to create art that depicts narrative, characterization, setting, color harmony - key elements of storybook art. These are just some of the building blocks it takes, I believe, to properly clothe an author's story or tale.

I work in pastels, oil, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylics, graphite pencil, pen and ink, etc.

Oil, acrylics and pastels are my preferred medias.

My style is neither overtly cartoony nor photorealistic. I strive to develop a style that is maybe whimsical but has realistic qualities.

Fees are negotiable but are within the typical price ranges of illustration fees, and I can provide some sketches free to get a dialogue started between the author and myself.

As illustrator Jim Harris states in his article about illustrators and authors, I'm free to work closely with an author to bring about the desired end.

Email David Parker.

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Enchanting Illustrations

by Robin Gulack
(New Fairfield, CT United States)

Leopard Love

Leopard Love

I am a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor's in illustration. Many authors I have created art for have been enchanted - or at least very pleased -with my work.

Some experiences I have had were stories that were inspirational, adventurous, took place in certain countries or places, featured imaginative animals, a character's personal experience or ideas about life, and stories about a child's imagination.

My favorite subject matter is animals, whether they are realistic or imaginative, but the more creative an idea is the better I like it. It could be a story about a purple cat who loves to paint, or perhaps a poodle who has a passion for making pastries.

I also enjoy whimsical stories about inanimate objects or fantasy characters such as mermaids and fairies.

A device I have installed allows me to create art work on my computer, and I can do several different techniques. Some of my styles include simple cartoon drawings which look nice with my ink and watercolor "brush," a more painterly style using the pastel, acrylic, and blending "brushes," and the use of the watercolor "brush" to create a gouache painting effect.

The fee I charge depends on how simple or detailed an illustration is to be.

If the author wants a more simple, cartoony illustration with little detail, the fee will start at $30. If illustrations require much detail and research, the price range will be from $50 to $75 per illustration.

I have no website but authors are free to email me at, and I will then send samples of my work.

I will create three color sketches of the ideas an author has. The more specific an author is in what he/she is seeking, the better. Any photos or ideas an author has will be appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

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