From Heaven's Point of View
Angel Eyes
by Dixie Phillips

Angel Eyes
Children's book review by Lois Meyer

Ages 3-12

I love this book.

I bought this book to send to my niece on her birthday. The picture of the cherubs on the cover is precious.

It caught my eye right away. Sponaugle's illustrations (see Kim's page on this site) make the story come alive.

Angel Eyes tells the story of how Jesus, Prince Emmanuel, came to earth and died and rose again as seen through the eyes of two loveable cherubs.

Dixie Phillips has done a wonderful job of showing God's plan of salvation as witnessed by two cherubs watching from Heaven.

Children can readily understand the conversation of these two cherubs. They ask the same questions any child would ask. They have the same concerns and emotions of children today. Just imagine how it would be to watch from Heaven!

The colorful illustrations follow the story line and will make it easy to hold the interest of a younger child when you read it.

Since I have so many loved ones in Heaven, I especially loved the picture of the saints at Heavens gate. Your child will too.

Read it with your child. Be prepared to answer questions and share your faith and the way of salvation.

If this book has any weaknesses, I couldn't see them. I fell in love with two cute cherubs, Kennedy and Tristin and they held my attention to the end.

Children will read this book again and again and they will learn to love this wonderful Bible story through Angel Eyes.

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