An Artist Who Knows Kids!

by Katie Bent-Slay
(California, USA)

Defying the Monster

Defying the Monster

Defying the Monster
Eyes of Stone

Mud Pies and Pillow Fights - An Artist Who Knows Kids!

I do book cover illustration, story-board illustration, conceptual illustration, and fine art. I am an explorer of all mediums...

...and I like to mix it up to see how I can push the limits while bringing in character, depth and story into my work.

For example I will sculpt a realistic figure or head out of clay, take photos, layer it with a painting in Photoshop, then mix it with different found objects to create a complete composition.

I also love to use watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel, charcoal and oils.

I take each project as an individual challenge and price it based on the difficulty and time required. I have a set hourly base fee, and I work fast.

I work based off of your ideas, and I send you small thumbnail sketches to show you how I can cultivate those ideas into a vision.

If you like them, we settle on a proposal and time frame, and then we get to work.

I have a great focus group, at home, of four kids who are bright and creative themselves; I often test ideas on them and their diverse groups of friends. (Boys and girls, ages 7-13). I also look at what is drawing kids in today and what can make your book more marketable.

You can email me at

Thank you and have a glorious day!

Katie Bent-Slay
Illustration Major at The Academy of Art University of San Francisco
Illustration and Fine Artist

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