Amanda the Gander
and Goosewire Gill

by William Meeks

geese cartoon cattails

One summer day, coming home from the beach,
saw signs on the road, a farm stand we reached.

We stopped to get corn, but said, “what is this?”
a cage with no top, and inside baby chicks.
They chirped, and they waddled, what fun to watch,
They bumped, and they fell, and a sign read “how much”

So we pleaded, and begged, my sisters and I,
We promised to feed them, and teach them to fly.
We would build them a pond, a swimming hole at least,
Little did we know, they were not chicks, but geese!

Amanda the Gander and Goose wire Gill,
Their names were funny, but we loved them still.
We made them a pen, used our vegetable garden,
Dad built them a house, and painted names on them.

Stuck their nose in the dirt, for something to eat,
They chewed on the grass, and we liked their webbed feet.
As time went by, they grew bigger and white,
They made nests from the hay they slept on at night.

What about our dogs? Would they like our new geese?
We thought they would eat them, or bite them at least.
But the doggies were thrilled, ‘round the yard they played.
They would “woof”, they would “honk,” best friends were made.

One summer night, thought it would be neat,
to let Gill and Gander out for a little retreat.
We took the whole family, dogs and all,
through our town, we used a long pole,
to lead them around, what a sight we had made!

The neighbors joined in, it became a parade.
The honking, and laughing, I will never forget,
the time that we had, two geese for our pets.

The End

Copyright William T Meeks IV 2010

William lives in New York, USA.

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