Bright, vibrant colours

by Caren Bestbier
(Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Inner Child - a watercolor illustration

Inner Child - a watercolor illustration

Inner Child - a watercolor illustration
Mischief - a watercolor illustration
A t-shirt design/illustration


I'm Caren Bestbier, a qualified painter and illustrator from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I work in a realistic, highly detailed style, and love bright, vibrant colours. I love portraits: both of people and animals, but any subject that tells a story appeals to me.

I have always worked in oils, watercolors and acrylics - but my new passion is digital painting and drawing! I love the ease, flexibility and freedom of digital work.

I have worked as a freelance painter for many years, and have made a shift into more illustration work in the last while. I would love to collaborate and bring my own particular brand of magic to your project!

Contact Caren.

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Lots of color!

by abdul gugu
(dar es salaam,tanzania)

buying food at the bazaar

buying food at the bazaar

I am an illustrator and comic artist, based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, with more than 20 years in the illustration industry in east Africa. I have illustrated more than a hundred books.

Contact Abdul Gugu.

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Jul 21, 2015
by: Fred Mutale

We need 20 illustrations for a children's book that is ready for publishing. We want to have an idea of the cost involved. We are based in Lusaka, Zambia.


Fred Mutale

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African Illustrator with Gift for Expression

by Oluwaseyi A. Alade
(Festac, Lagos State, Nigeria)

Choices - digital

Choices - digital

Choices - digital
Home - oil on canvas
Adventures of Adiyeh, the Lagos Chicken
Strength - ink on paper

Book Illustrator in wide range of art styles

Howdy lovely folks,

My mantra? A picture is worth more than a thousand words...Readers are Leaders.

My primary art revolves around graphite drawings, ink pointillism, pastel caricature, acrylic faux-mosaics and oil portraits. I especially love landscape paintings that resonate with an almost tangible aura of peace and joy.

With my traditional art background, I have increasingly wrought more works for writers and authors who are desirous of beautiful cover and interior illustrations for all manner of book types - watercolor paintings for cookbooks, digital illustrations for teen-adventure books, dreamlike art for online magazines, and cartoons for children's books.

I have spent many years studying the anatomy of man and beasts, which I find quite enjoyable to include in most of my art. I can't resist the inclusion of the angelic toddler, sunny bouquet, cute puppy or regal horse in most of my paintings.

Demure paintings or mixed media works with limited palette selection of just 1 or 2 colours are quite engaging to me, as they transform the living space I created them for into a soothing harbor - restful to the eyes.

I love, love birth into reality the hitherto caged imagination of a client, to such an extent that s/he is thoroughly ecstatic with the results. That is my fait accompli folks.

Love the Arts! Commission a book illustration today!


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Bwana Njox Toons

by Sudi Mwale
(Blantyre, Malawi)

Cell Culture

Cell Culture

I am a freelance cartoonist residing in Malawi, Southern Africa.

I do all sorts of cartoons and draw as as hobby to exercise my right to creativity.

I do cartoons for a Malawian website, Kuseka (which means "to laugh" in Chichewa, our native language).

My cartoons are done in Flash, and they are of fine quality.

For all sorts of crazy humourous 'toons from the warm Heart of Africa, Sudi is one to contact.

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A Passion for Illustrating

by Jonathan Rambinintsoa
(Antananarivo, Madagascar)

Brothers watching the news with their dog

Brothers watching the news with their dog

My name is Jonathan RAMBININTSOA, and I've been a web developer for several years. During all these years I've always been drawing.

Recently I decided to give more time to my passion, because I want to do what I really love.

I've gathered up my drawings, made a pin up to both of them, and created my online portfolio. I have tried to develop multiple illustration styles, and now I am mastering children's book illustrations with Illustrator CS6 vectors. I also make paintings on Photoshop for this same purpose.

My best wish is that many people will love my work and help me to get better and better.

Contact Jonathan.

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Illustration Basket

by Lynda Ward
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Pinkie and Blue

Pinkie and Blue

My work is quite varied but is usually decorative and design oriented.

I love to use bright vibrant colors and interesting patterns and textures to add interest and appeal to my images.

I most enjoy illustrating for children's and natural history books but am always ready to take on any challenge!

Contact Animation Basket.

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Nasii's illustrations

by Nastasha
(South Africa)

Hi. My name is Nastasha, but you can call me Nasii!

I am a student who is studying to be a children's illustrator. I've loved drawing and reading ever since I can remember! I took art throughout my school years, I read alot of art books, and I'm currently studying at London Art College.

I work for a horse racing photographer and would eagerly like to get into the children's illustrator field, but in the meantime would like to do some work to add to my portfolio and gain experience.

I work with watercolour and ink. I like to keep to the traditional hand drawn pictures, both in colour and black & white.

I would like to specialize in animal illustrations for kids. I have a personal style and use line in an interesting fashion.

I love creating natural yet cute illustrations. My inspiration comes from all over but especially from food and animals.

This is my Passion

You are more than welcome to request sample sketches and to see my end results. Fee is negotiable.

You can contact me via email:

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Oct 22, 2016
Please reply
by: Flora

I sent a message to you on Thursday using the email address you have provided and I'm yet to get a reply. I have resent the same message. Can you please reply?

Sep 17, 2016
Need Artist for Grafic Novel
by: Ben Haith

I want to make my manuscript entitled "Joe America" into a graphic novel/comic book. This story was presented to the public as a stage radio drama in Boston several years ago and it was a BIG HIT! Can you help me with this project? "You bring light to the world"

Feb 03, 2012
Children's Book Illustrator
by: Anonymous

Hi Nasii,

Your illustrations look cute and gorgeous.

Currently I am looking for a graphic designer/ illustrator for a children's book (approx. 20 pages with some full- page illustrations and some small illustrations with text). I have another small project with 14 pages which needs only small illustrations.

If you are interested, I would be happy to provide you with further details.

Best wishes,


Jan 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Amazing work, Nasii. I agree your characters show real expressions and personality! Beautiful work!

Jan 11, 2011
Thank you!
by: nasii

Oh wow, thank you! God Bless you too :)

Jan 11, 2011
You are very good
by: Anonymous

Nice work, Nasii. You show real talent and skill. I know you will be a success. Good luck and God bless. I like the sample artwork on your page. The characters have real personalities, which is what a good illustrator does.

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Fat boy illustrations

by Moloko Moabelo
(South Africa Bronkhorstspruit)

Flamethrower Charizard (Pen+Photoshop)

Flamethrower Charizard (Pen+Photoshop)

Flamethrower Charizard (Pen+Photoshop)
Bronx Crew cartoon

I have been drawing for as long as I could hold a pen (5 years old). I have always been more talented than the people around me. I went to an art high school and later furthered my studies at an tertiary institutes. I have been doing graphic design and advertising work for 3 years and the largest portion of my portfolio targets young children.

My work includes:

1. Action figures (superheroes, villains, etc.)
2. Comics
3. Animal caricatures
4. Landscape illustrations
5. Simple activity illustrations

My most preffered media are:

1. Pen + Photoshop
2. Pencil + Illustrator
3. Pen/pencil sketches
4. Gauche painting

I worked as a creative director for 18 months and worked in sales for an ad agency. I have been doing freelance work in between.

I am willing to provide samples for the work you may need. My rates vary depending on the project I am doing. The best way to contact me is via mail.

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Talented Zimbabwean Illustrator

by Adrian Nyangombe

Pretty Bunny

Pretty Bunny

Pretty Bunny
Amphibious Flirts
Barnyard Emotions

I am Adrian Theophilus Nyangombe, aged 23, from Zimbabwe.

Are you looking for humorous illustrations, caricatures or cartoons? I am the best person to work with! Please email me at Amazingly, I never went to any art school. I only did the Lou Darvas Online Cartooning Course.

I draw for our local church's children's department. I also did illustrations for the search engine optimization company headed by David Johnston.

Fees are negotiable. Thank you.

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No limit illustrations

by Lizette
(South Africa)

 Under water ride

Under water ride

 Under water ride

No limit illustrations

Hi there. I am a full time illustrator.

I recently won an award for my illustrations.

I illustrate children's books and educational textbooks.

I am hard working and deliver on time.

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Tanzanian Artist

by Michael Sagikwa
(Morogoro, Tanzania)

dogs chasing a rabbit

dogs chasing a rabbit

Book illustrator, cartoonist, comic artist and book designer

I am competent in all techniques applicable to publishing, i.e.:

full colors
ink drawings
pencils, and
two tone

Contact me at Sagikwa-Mike.

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Jan 06, 2016
by: Michael Sagikwa

Ooops! That email address no longer exists. My current email is


Feb 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Good drawings. You are real artist from Africa!

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Top-Notch Illustrations & Cartoons

by Henry Ezeokeke
(Lagos, Nigeria)



Woman with Pot
Warriors Barred from Entry
Frogs Riding Swan

I can work in a variety of styles and mediums.

My illustrations are cartoony and a bit caricatured. I also create African style illustrations for children's books and magazines.

My fee depends on the scope and complexity of your project and is negotiable. My workflow begins traditionally and ends digitally.

My website is still in the works, but you can contact me on

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Emotion-filled illustrations

by Martin Schwella
(South Africa)

Dreams of a homeless man for a book project

Dreams of a homeless man for a book project

Dreams of a homeless man for a book project
Self published book about the age old race and who will win it
Inspirational illustrations regarding the power above
Various illustrations for children's books

I am passionate about storytelling and to evoke emotion within my illustrations. My name is Martin. I am an all-round Illustrator from Bloemfontein, South Africa.

My art is uplifting, full of life and focused on teaching good values and life lessons. Creating from nothing to match the feeling and content of the text or molding the illustrations to fit your mental image are both processes I am familiar with, and excel at.

Since I have studied Graphic Design, lectured Art and have been a freelance illustrator since 2009 under my own brand Schink Art, I would say I am well experienced. I mainly make use of traditional media to create the line work and then processes the colouring digitally. My range of styles and skills have grown significantly over the years and I am certainly open to be challenged in new areas.

I am fluent in both English and Afrikaans, but my art speaks a universal language.

Feel free to browse through for my portfolio or Schink Art on Facebook for recent projects and illustrations I have completed for clients.

My email:

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