The Adventures of
Marty & Mack
by Rodney Burns

The Adventures of Marty & Mack - book 1


Two young mice, one named Marty and one named Mack,
Sneaked around the house searching for a snack.

The lights were all off and the humans were asleep
Marty looked at Mack and said, "What we find we can keep."

They ran down the stairs and to their favorite spot.
Up on the counter Mack spotted a pot.

"I would like to see you get up there", said Marty with a smile,
"To the top of that counter looks for than a mile!"

"I know how to do it," said Mack with a sneer."
"I know how to do it, come here come here!!"

Over in the corner Mack found a spoon
"With my idea", said Mack, "You'll be up there soon."

"I don't understand," said Marty, "I'm confused,"
"I don't know how this spoon can be used."

"Let's slide it over there and put it on the cat's dish,"
"Then it shall work the way that I wish."

Together they pushed the spoon into place
And looked for the cat just in case.

There he was fast asleep,
next to the fan, not hearing a peep.

"OK", said Mack, "The coast is all clear,"
"That dumb old cat surely can't hear."

Back to the spoon to try their daring feat,
If they succeeded, soon they would eat.

"Alright Marty, sit on that spoon and count to three
And close your eyes so you can not see."

Marty jumped on the handle at the count of three,
He heard Marty yell at the top of his voice, "Weeeeeeee".

He went flying through the air across the room
And landed on the counter with a loud "BOOM."

"I made it, I made it," said Marty with a grin.
He walked to the pot and jumped right in.

To his surprise it was full of cold stew.
As loud as he could, he yelled "OOOOOH!!"

He jumped out of the pot all slimy and wet,
Looked down at Mack and said, "Is this what I get?"

Mack was laughing hard and rolling around
Marty couldn't wait to get to the ground.

Then all of a sudden something caught his eye.
It scared him so bad, here is the reason why.

The big fat cat stood by the door, licking his lips
As Mack rolled on the floor.

Marty yelled with all of his might.
"The cat is awake Mack, get out of sight!"

Mack stood up and saw the cat's evil stare,
He needed to run but didn't know where.

Then he seen a gap beside the stove,
Then he dashed very fast, he leaped and he dove.

He got away safely from the dangerous cat,
Who was really too slow and really too fat.

The cat laid on the floor and stared at Mack,
Waiting for him to come out so that he could attack.

Then all of a sudden to his dismay.
The cat turned his head the other way.

"Hey look who's here," Marty said,
It was their friend the family dog Fred.

Fred chased the cat out of the room.
Thank you so much", said Mack, "You saved me from doom!"

"You are quite welcome my little friend."
"A helping paw I'm happy to lend."

Fred put his paw in front of Mack
And let him climb up onto his back.

"Come over here and get me down," said Marty in a haste.
"I need to get clean and have no time to waste!"

Mack walked over to Marty who stood with a frown.
"Jump on my back, so that you can come down."

Marty jumped and landed on Fred's back,
turned to his friend and said, "I'm glad you're safe Mack."

Fred gave his friends a ride back to their place,
Told them good-bye and went down the staircase.

Marty's mom was waiting inside
And this he knew that he could not hide.

"My dear Marty, what happened to you?"
"You're hair is a mess and you stink, Peee-UU!"

Marty looked at Mack who was staring at him
"I guess you could say Mom, I went for a swim!"

Mack started to chuckle as he went to the door,
"Tomorrow my friend, we'll try once more!!


Copyright by Rodney Burns, January 7, 2007.

This material is NOT to be copied, sold or changed anyway without the permission of Rodney Burns.

Rodney lives in Washington, USA, with his wife, Barbara.

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