A Honey Hunt Story

by Larry Keough
(El Cajon, Ca. USA)



Here's how it all started...

I was having a conversation with a four year old student of mine who was learning how to play guitar and write a song. The conversation was about teddy bears. His bear was a polar bear. I asked if his bear liked honey. But polar bears don't eat honey, and that's where the story starts. I wrote about 12 songs for the book and included a CD of the songs.

It's about a polar bear hunting for honey.

I printed the book at Cross Blue in the city of Los Angeles. The books were delivered to my front door in a big semi-truck. As a performer, I sell books at the libraries and schools I visit.

Everything went so well that I decided to publish my second book their as well. This book is a song, and a CD is included. I skipped paying the freight this time and picked up the books in my own truck. These books look just as good as the first ones. They're beautiful, glossy and hardcover.

Best in your writing,

Larry Keough, Larry Keough Entertainment.

Printing by Cross Blue.

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Jun 22, 2011
Thanks Grateful Fan
by: Larry Keough

Thank you so much, Grateful Fan. I do have a second book, "Dirty Dan," a melodrama. It has one song. My next book has 8 new songs. "Eddie & Betsy" is a cute book about spiders due out in July of 2011. Thanks again.

Mar 20, 2011
Love your Stories and Songs
by: Grateful Fan

Hello Larry,

I am a caregiver to little ones, and I am planning to share and use your musical, joyful children's books at local daycare facilities in our area. They are sooo creative, and I love your original songs, which the children can dream and dance to as they listen during reading time. We especially enjoy hearing Sam the Polar Bear's voice! I thank you, and the children thank you.
- A true fan!

Feb 03, 2011
by: Larry


Thanks so much for posting this on your site. I really do appreciate it.

Larry Keough

Feb 09, 2010
I love that it started with a kid!
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

Thanks, Larry.

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