A High Energy Endeavor

by Valerie Handelsman
(Islamorada, FL USA)

Turtles Z...Up

Turtles Z...Up

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If a writer enjoys the complex art of publishing their work, I know for sure they must have three basic personal qualities:

  1. attention to detail

  2. yet, project oriented

  3. and above all, the ability to shake, rattle or complement those persons hired by you to make things turn out the way you want them. This includes, printers, proofreaders, illustrators and perhaps even yourself.

I enjoy book publishing because it's fast paced and keeps me extremely busy, especially when I have a project in the pipeline. I also enjoy writing children's stories, though sometimes my writing goes on the back burner to publish for others.

My biggest problem with self publishing is book promotion. There are agencies that expect high fees to promote a book, yet they won't guarantee sales. I feel if they can't guarantee sales, then why are they contracting with authors?

I would like to find an agency that will take a fee only if they sell books. Then their percentage would be based on the sales.

Good luck to all self publishers. I'm sure if you have the energy, success will come your way.

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Feb 29, 2008
Question for all
by: Valerie H.

I read one story about an author who prints in China and was wondering if printing overseas affects the copyright? Could someone give me the name of a printer in China? Printing in the U.S. is expensive. Though I am happy to keep the printing here, I know my profits are are much lower than some publishers.

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