A Grandmother Is Born
A Story for Anna

by Donna Boggs

Once upon a time a grandmother was born with the cry of a perfect little girl.

The grandmother had waited a long time to hold this tiny person and thought she was the most beautiful baby in the whole world. She had dark eyes and the blue eyes of a newborn.

This was a very happy day for the grandmother, who smiled as she looked into the eyes of her first granddaughter.

So when a child is born into the world, so is a grandmother. This grandmother decided to call herself Granny to the little girl.

Granny loved holding her, would sing songs to her and rock her.

Sometimes Granny would hold Granddaughter, close her eyes and wish all the love she was feeling would flow right into the heart of the baby.

And because love is the language of the heart, the baby knew that she was very special and very loved by her Granny.

Sometimes the two of them would laugh and play silly games, read stories or just rock in Granny's favorite blue chair. Sometimes they watched Thomas the train and ate oatmeal and raisins. They snuggled, napped and just sat.

Sometimes on summer evenings Granny would put her in the stroller and they walked down the street to see what they could see.

They looked at flowers, they looked at trees, they touched the grass and they saw the sky. They stopped at the playground and would swing high into the air.

They also stopped to talk with neighbors and of course everyone thought that the baby was sweet and beautiful. She was very beautiful, especially to Granny.

Sometimes they were quiet together, sometimes loud as Granny tickled her and made her laugh.

The baby liked all those things and so did Granny. But the most important thing they did was just enjoy each other's company.

And when you love a whole lot and really strong, it is very hard to be apart. It was very hard for Granny and Granddaughter.

Love is God's most precious gift to us. And when he puts his love into a human heart it is to share with others like he shares with us.

Granny and Grandaughter shared love really well. They shared so well that it was hard to say goodbye. Because you see, grandchildren come from parents. And children live with their parents and visit everyone else. Grandchildren sometimes have lots of other relatives; aunts, uncles and cousins.

So love for child comes from lots of people and time with the child is meant to be shared. Sharing love with all those people is only fair.

There are times when grandparents and other relatives live far away. So it is a long time before you get to see them, which is hard. But it is harder to say goodbye.

Granny and Granddaughter hated to say goodbye when it was time to leave one another. They both would get very sad and cry. They missed each other very much.

Missing the person you love is a heart problem you see. Sometimes the heart does not know what the mind tells you is true.

Because this is the truth of saying goodbye to the someone you love with all your heart. We can't always be with everyone we love at the same time.

We might live far away from each other. There might be so many people from your family, from so many places, you can't see them all at once.

But the love you feel for all those people stays with you all the time, even when the person is not there with you.

Just like the wind blows but we can't see it, another person's love is always there.

Your heart remembers all of the love you have for someone all of the time. This is what makes us both sad and happy to see other and say goodbye.

So while Granny misses Granddaughter and she misses Granny, the love they have in their hearts stays there all of the time.

Sometimes they cry when they leave one another and it ok to be sad for a little while...

But Granny does not want Granddaughter to be sad for long. Granny wants her to remember all the love and good memories they made together when they were with each other.

The happiness from the love in their hearts makes it easier to know that Granny and Granddaughter will always see each other again.

Because each grandchild is special and the love Granny has for Granddaughter is special. And there are lots of new memories still to be made.

There are lots of things to see, lots of places to go, lots of things to do and much love to share.

In fact Granddaughter has siblings. So Granny has lots of grandchildren to love. There is no end to a grandmother's love, which is as big as the sky.

No matter where you are, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter what time of the day or night it is....Granny's love is forever.

Each grandchild is a special treasure given by God. But for Granny, Granddaugter was the first treasure. She was the one born first who made a Granny.

The End

Copyright Donna Boggs 2012

The author lives in Virginia, USA.

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