A dialogue about "Meta Tags"

by Caitlind Alexander
(Los Angeles, CA)

title in browser blue strip

title in browser blue strip

This dialogue began when I alerted a poster to this site about some website problems on her site.


Thanks for the info, but I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about. I've heard of meta tags before, but don't really know what they are. I'm absolutely horrid at this internet and other tech stuff. I use an old version of FrontPage to put up the website because it is easy to use and I don't have to know how to do things.

Any help you could give to help me get it put right would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for meddling. :)


Welcome to this week's episode of The Blind Leading the Blind.

You do see that the blue strip atop the page when your browser is open to your site reads, "learingisland.org," not "learningisland.org," yes?

I am also the formerly proud owner of an antiquarian version of Front Page. I actually ended up ditching it for something still simpler, something that PROMPTS me (because I need it) to do all the stuff I should do to a page before posting it to the World Wide Webadoodle.

If you're curious, go to

SiteBuildIt Video Tour

Turn on the sound, set your brain to Intrigued.

Okay, I'm opening up Front Page - pardon the creaking - okay, here we go...

Click File/Properties/General. Fill in some appropriate text for Title, Page Description, and Keywords. DO THIS FOR EVERY PAGE YOU HOPE TO INCREASE TRAFFIC TO.

(Sorry. Didn't want you to convince yourself you hadn't read that.)

Keywords would be popular search terms you'd want a particular page to be found by the search engines for. Each search term should be separated by a space and a comma, i.e.

children's books, learning island, free to teachers

Limit yourself to about 5.

Title is what you want the blue strip at the top of the page to read as. It should describe, in 60 characters or less, the page's content. It may also end up being your blue link text in Google's search results.

Page Description is you saying what the page is about in 150 characters or less.

ALL this stuff helps the engines figure out what your pages are about and enables them to send you traffic more confident that they're on the mark. I see by your site meter that you get some traffic, not a bunch.

That's all I can offer, because that's all I know! You're the expert on how to upload the page once you make the meta changes.

Always a meddler,



Thank you SO MUCH for the help. I'll try it out when I get a few hours this weekend and see what I can do for it.

I really do appreciate your help. You're not so blind as you think. :)


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