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Raising Readers - Starting Stories!
December 14, 2009

My name is Steve Barancik. Welcome to Raising Readers, the official newsletter of Best Children's Books.

Our goal: to help YOU raise better readers.


1) Do you have a storyteller within?

Want to hold a child's interest? I share some tips on creating inventive stories.

Cooperative Storytelling with YOur Child by Cheryl Chitayat, Psy.D.

Cheryl shares amazing ideas on inventing stories with your child. You'll be surprised what can happen when you create together!

3) Tell Your Own Story Online...Cheaper Than Ever!

Getting started creating a successful website is suddenly very much less expensive! (And still quite easy.) I'll explain.

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1) Do you have a storyteller within?

Before I created Best Children's Books, I wrote for Hollywood for years. I learned a lot about how to spin a one of a kind story.

It's easier than you think.

Whether you want to simply be able to dream up a story on the spot for your kids, or whether you dream of being a published author, I have some tips for you.

Have you ever heard of a fractured fairy tale?

A fractured fairy tale is simply a familiar fairy tale that you change in some significant way.

  • Goldilocks and the Three Ham Sandwiches
  • Shampoo Day for Rapunzel
  • Little Ed Riding Hood

Get the idea? I go into more detail on my children's book ideas page.

I do writing workshops with kids, and they take to the fractured fairy tale notion in an instant. Parents who leave self consciousness aside and give themselves permission to create can invent wonderful stories!

Cooperative Storytelling with Your Child
by Cheryl Chitayat, Psy.D.

Jumpstart Something MORE Than Storytime

Parents make the best storytellers...and storystarters!

Cheryl's article is so valuable it's been given a permanent place on the site.

3) Tell Your Own Story Online...Cheaper Than Ever!

I usually use this space to tell readers how to start a business online.

It's what I did. I'm having the time of my life, and making money too. Over half a million people a year visit Best Children's Books - Find, Read or Write...and it's all my doing!

And this is where I usually provide a link to the company that showed me how to do it and gave me all the tools I needed for success. But here's the thing...

A lot of you visit their site and are put off by the initial price. You see, it always cost a few hundred bucks to get started.

Well, here's the big news: now it costs just $30.00. So you can no longer blame the recession for not giving this a try!

Thirty bucks to start a new business, maybe even change your life.

Learn what I learned. There's no time like the present!


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