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Raising Readers - Never Too Old To Read To!
August 21, 2009

My name is Steve Barancik. Welcome to Raising Readers, the official newsletter of Best Children's Books.

Our goal: to help YOU raise better readers.


1) Know a Kid in College? Save on Textbooks!

We're talking about college, so I did some research. You'll be surprised how many ways there are to outsmart the high cost of college texts!

10 Reasons to Keep Reading with Your Child Even After They Can Read to Themselves, by Sandra McLeod Humphrey

Sandra McLeod Humphrey is a retired clinical psychologist and the author of seven middle-grade and young adult books focused on Character Education. In her 2nd column for Raising Readers, she shares some great thoughts!

3) Guest Columnist Sandra's Essay Contest!

When Sandy Humphrey has an essay contest for kids, you know the purpose is to stimulate healthy thinking about big choices. This is a contest you'll want to know about!

4) Back to School for Grown-Ups

The kids don't have to be the only ones experiencing the excitement of Back to School. It could be a new school year for you, too!

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1) Know a Kid in College? Save on Textbooks!

If you aren't freaked out about the price of textbooks, it's because you don't have a kid in college!

Textbooks are more expensive than ever, and yet...

Thanks to the internet, there are more ways to avoid the high price of new textbooks than ever...

  • Used textbooks
  • Rental textbooks
  • Electronic textbooks

I did the research, and I can send you in some promising directions. If you have kids in college, you'll want to visit Chegg. If you don't have kids in college...

You'll want to send this to someone who does!

10 Reasons to Keep Reading with Your Child Even After They Can Read to Themselves
by Sandra McLeod Humphrey

Sandra's article is so great that I've added it to the site. Find it on our Early Reading page.

Author Bio

Sandra McLeod Humphrey is a retired clinical psychologist and the author of seven middle-grade and young adult books. She is the recipient of the 2005 Helen Keating Ott Award for Outstanding Contribution to Children's Literature, a 2008 Mom's Choice Gold Award, and a 2008 American Authors Association Silver Quill Award. She invites you to visit her Web site, Kids Can Do It.

Her books, specializing in Character Education, include:

  • If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do? (Prometheus Books 10/95)
  • It's Up to You...What Do You Do? (Prometheus Books 1/99)
  • Keepin' It Real: A Young Teen Talks With God (CSS Publ. 1/03)
  • MORE--If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do? (Prometheus 5/03)
  • Dare to Dream!: 25 Extraordinary Lives (Prometheus Books 3/05)
  • Hot Issues, Cool Choices: Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure, Popularity, and Put-Downs (Prometheus Books 12/07)
  • Me, Myself, and I: Youth Meditations for Grades Five through Eight (CSS Publishing 7/08)

Visit Sandra's page at Amazon.

3) Guest Columnist Sandra's Essay Contest!

Sandy Humphrey clearly knows how to engage kids and teens. And it isn't just with her books! On her website, she runs an ongoing essay contest.

In 300 words or less, tell us your true story about the most difficult decision you've had to make between right and wrong.

Talk about Character Education! Every three months, a winner and four finalists receive autographed copies of one of Sandra's books, books that get kids and teens thinking about good decision-making. Important decision-making.

There's no fee to enter Sandy's contest and the only age requirement is that your child be school-aged.

Kids Can Do It - Ongoing Essay Contest

(And wouldn't it be great if your kid just happened to show an interest in one of Sandy's great books?)

4) Back to School for Grown-Ups

I've always thought the real New Year begins now.

New grade. New friends. New subjects. New dreams.

Are you really going to tell me that January 1st has more meaning than the day you send your kid(s) off to new teachers, new classes, and new schools?

Back to school is a time for renewal. And it doesn't just have to be for kids!

Parents too can find themselves with

  1. more time on their hands, and
  2. a yearning for learning...and advancement

If that sounds like you, then let me turn you on to Site Build It eLearning.

It's a 12-week course in How to Build a Website. But more than a course...

When you're done, your website will be up and running!

That's right: you get school - and the immediate benefits of your education - all rolled into one.

You'll be your own me!

Since I'm no teacher (haven't the patience!), I'm gonna let you learn all about SBI eLearning on your own.

See if it sounds like the beginning of a Happy New Year to you!


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