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Picture Books a Whole New Way!
March 12, 2012

My name is Steve Barancik. Welcome to Raising Readers, the official newsletter of Best Children's Books.

Our goal: to help raise more and better readers.


Our New Download Store

We're now delivering picture your printer!

2) Do You Have an Author or Illustrator in You?

Our new downloadable picture book store is built for growth. Interested in contributing?

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1) Announcing Our New Download Store!

Wow. It's been over 2 years since I sent out one of these newsletters. Well, now's the time. I've got big news.

Best Children's Books has been growing like crazy. We have about 600 book reviews now (thanks, reviewers!), with a major emphasis on books that are standing the test of time.

But I decided awhile ago that we needed to expand our focus. I'm troubled by the skyrocketing percentage of households that don't have books for their children, of parents who don't actually read to their youngest ones. I'm not convinced that a child interacting with an electronic device with moving pictures and a voice is actually reading. And if they're's not with their parents but with the device!

Are books becoming a specialty item? Sometimes I fear so. That's why I've conspired a new way to sneak picture books into more homes. My co-conspirators?...

  • The computer
  • The internet
  • The printer

Check out what I'm talking about and maybe give us a "Like." (But be sure to come back so I can give you the inside scoop!)

We're creating printable picture books with coloring book pictures. (Because printing full color pictures on your home printer would cost a fortune!)

  • Download
  • Print
  • Staple
  • Go!

Maybe they're not for you. (Maybe they are! If so, stay tuned for a coupon deal.) But I'll bet you know children who could use them. Because while you're the grown-ups who understand the importance of reading, I'm sure that you too worry about children who (through little or no fault of their own) aren't developing a love of literacy.

(I really want to make teachers aware of this resource. I know many who would give anything to put reading material in their students' homes. Will you help spread the word?)

Think of these printable picture books as insta-books! Perfect for harried parents who can't imagine how they'd find time to visit a bookstore.

Assuming there's even a bookstore to find. :-(

We're starting out with an exciting mix of books. For starters, we've commissioned coloring book reproductions of all but two of Beatrix Potter's classic picture books, starting with The Tale of Peter Rabbit. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth it! They're gorgeous.

I also commissioned artists from all over the world to illustrate my Children's Behavior Books, which we've been selling exclusively from this site but - until now - only in an unillustrated form.

(And our store will continue to grow. We'll soon be adding more out-of-copyright classics, as well as adding books from new authors and author-illustrators.)

So here's the deal: as newsletter subscribers, you can have (or pass along) $6 off your first order by using the offer code NEWSLETTER. (Buy a Behavior Book and we'll throw in a 2nd one free. Also...

If you post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ about us to help spread the word, I'll give you a FREE download of Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse whether or not you make a purchase. Just write me back, tell me where you posted, and you can check out one of our books free of charge. AND...

If you get a teacher to check us out and post about us on a school page, well, I promise to be very generous with both you and the teacher! Just let me know.

And please show your support for our mission by "Liking" our storefront!


2) Do You Have an Author or Illustrator in You?

The truth is, we're not just excited about what our new download store will mean for children, but for certain grown-ups as well!

We know how many aspiring authors and illustrators are out there, eager to have their work seen. Well, we're proud to already be showing off the work of new illustrators (and some classic old ones too), and we'll soon be opening it up to new authors.

Interested? (Or maybe someone you know would be a good fit?) Here's what you can do...

1) Go "Like" our store. More awareness means more books for children and more work for authors and illustrators.

2) Illustrators should visit our Illustrators Wanted page. We'll tell you how to submit a sample.

3) Authors should visit our Inform Me When You're Accepting Submissions page. You'll be the first to know when we start considering new manuscripts!

Like any other traditional publisher, we're selective and we're a paying market. Please don't be hurt if it turns out your work isn't for us!


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