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Raising Readers - Reconsider the Rush to Read!
September 19, 2009

My name is Steve Barancik. Welcome to Raising Readers, the official newsletter of Best Children's Books.

Our goal: to help YOU raise better readers.


1) Our Book Reviews Consist Almost Entirely of Books We Love!

This month's feature columnist is one of our book reviewers. She finds the best books and tells you about them!

Some Thoughts on Early Reading, by P.J. Rooks

P.J. shares her philosophy on building a love for books by being in no hurry to teach her child to read.

3) The Importance of a Small Business!

Do you know a small businessperson who wants to make use of the internet? You'll want to share this.

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1) Our Book Reviews Consist Almost Entirely of Books We Love!

Picture books only seem expensive.

They're free from the library. And even if you buy them, most children love to be read the same books again and again. Talk about cost efficient!

Our picture book reviews are the best you're likely to find anywhere. Not only are they well-written and detailed, they consist almost entirely of books we love. That makes it hard to go wrong.

Browse our reviews of 200 great children's books. You're sure to find some you haven't heard of, books that your kids are almost sure to adore.

Some Thoughts on Early Reading
by P.J. Rooks

P.J.'s article was so brilliant it's been added to the site. Visit early reading.

Author Bio

P.J. Rooks is a mom, a scholar, a writer, and a children's book reviewer.

3) The Importance of a Small Business!

Just like there are bestselling books and books that almost never sell, there are websites that get tons of traffic...and websites that get almost none.

The difference between a popular website and an unnoticed one? Words.

You see, most small businesspeople build a website that's all about their small business...

  • This is our site
  • Here's where we're located
  • Here's when we're open

When someone Googles "Bob's Licensed Apparel," they'll find But when they Google "buy team baseball caps," Bob is nowhere to be found. Why?

Because Bob didn't bother to write a webpage about team baseball caps. Google is text search. Google, in effect, reads. Since Bob didn't give them much to read about team baseball caps, they didn't rank his site for the search, even though team baseball caps are Bob's biggest seller!

If you know of a small businessperson considering a website, or someone disappointed with how their existing website is performing, feel free to have them contact me. I can show them what it takes to get traffic.


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