3 Times Lucky

by Lp Camozzi
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

alpha bones candy is a 64-page ABC book written in a Tanka poetry form

alpha bones candy is a 64-page ABC book written in a Tanka poetry form

Going soft-cover and printing in-country

Well I think I've finally figured out a business model for self publishing. My first two children's picture books (Pasta Pazoo: More Better Spaghetti, and Spice Kapita: That Dancin’ Guy were hard cover productions printed in India and China respectively. (Click to read Lp's accounts of those efforts.)

Offshore is about the only way you can make money printing a hard cover book. For my latest book, I opted for soft cover, which had an added benefit of allowing me to label it as Printed in Canada, which has some resonance with buyers here and, more importantly, retailers.

I have always used professional editors, and I continued to do so with my newest book titled alpha bones candy. (Yes, all in lower case.) What was different about this book was that I took a much more collaborative approach with my illustrator - in this case my son.

He pushed me hard on my tanka (a form of Japanese poetry, similar to Haiku) edits to make sure he had enough of an idea to work with visually. And despite the fact he was new to this game he refused to release his drawings to me and my designer until he was totally satisfied.

In other words, we spent a lot longer on quality control before we went to press and ultimately changed much of the original concept of the book - for the better.

Whatever you do, it has to be as perfect as you can make it.

Finally, I shopped carefully for a printer and found a short run digital printer who specializes in books and never prints more than 500 copies, a number that fit comfortably in my van and my home. I just completed my 2nd printing and am looking forward to turning up the profit meter in 2017. alpha bones candy is available on Amazon.

Now all I have to do is stop wasting my time chasing kudos from award organizations, which are dominated by traditional publishers who I am outselling in my own marketplace!


Lp Camozzi

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