1st grade teacher self publishes!

by Shirah Penn, M.Ed.
(Weston, FL, USA)

Gramma Shirah Says Words of Wisdom

Gramma Shirah Says Words of Wisdom

Self published teacher uses her classroom experience to write book.

When I retired from 42 years as a teacher, I missed being with little kids. I decided to write my book Gramma Shirah Says Words of Wisdom.

This book was originally written with the children in my classroom doing the illustrations. They were sayings that I told the children many times. After I retired I was fortunate to attract a wonderful artist who liked my book and said she would illustrate it. Not only that, she knew a printer.

So we worked together to create this book that was printed in Venezuela. I was able to create my business and website to market and distribute the books.

We created a downloadable workbook to go with the book. I was able to go into the elementary schools to read the book to children while talking about the importance of self-esteem and taking care of each other's self-esteem.

My second book was printed out of Ohio by Bookmaster Co./Atlas Books. This got too costly, so we now are marketing only on the internet through Joysong Creations.

I would love for my book to be picked up by a publisher who could find a larger market. Meantime I am having fun using these blogs and networks for reaching out to others.

Gramma Shirah

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Feb 28, 2008
Who could know picture book readers better than a teacher?
by: Steve B.

Gramma Shirah, the classroom must miss you. I love when people put their experience into their books, and with 42 years spent corralling a roomful of 6 year olds, your book must be positively packed with experience.

Thanks for sharing your Words of Wisdom with us.

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