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Reading is key to every child's future

Don't waste a child's attention and interest on so-so children's books. Find the best, read the best, write the best!

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From Jessie Willcox Smith's 'The Little Mother Goose'
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What activity can you encourage that will be more vital to your child's future than a love of reading?

For young children, a mystique grows around reading. They instinctively recognize reading and writing as a huge part of what separates them from adults. You can help them hold on to this love, or you can allow it be lost... forever.

Walking away from books :-( from A Book for Kids by C.J. Dennis (cropped)
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See Dick. See Jane. See Dick read Jane a boring book.
"No, Dick, no!"

There are a gazillion children's books out there. Do you need help finding the ones that'll hold a child's interest? That's what we're here for.

Your Imperfect Guide - Me

We think children's books are important. So that's how we treat them!

When it comes to kids' books (and movies, which I used to write), I used to feel that the quality of the story was the only important thing.

That was before I watched my own child being read to. (If you've never had this pleasure, I urge you to treat yourself ASAP!)

While the story was being read, my daughter's eyes darted about the page like a school of minnows on the run! (If a child is that engaged, you can bet that reading is having the effect you want.) Since then, I seek out picture books that are richly illustrated in addition to having a great story.

You'll find a lot of resources on this site, including the thoughts of our terrific reviewers. After all, we all have the same goal: to find books for our children that will stimulate a lifelong love of reading.

So let's get to it!

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